It’s that time again!  Gary Smith and Randy Kilgore have again invited everyone in the neighborhood to join them on their patio at 804 Fairway, on Saturday June 7th, 9-11am.  It is always a lovely brunch-ish gathering, with Gary’s great scones, a relaxed chance to chat with your neighbors, and wander their fabulous garden.  Do come – we’ll see you there!


As promised, here are the details for our annual Neighborhood Night Out party/picnic.  As usual, we will get together on the second Tuesday of August – August 6th this year.  And once more we have made arrangements with our neighbor, the Columbia Country Club, to use their ballroom (air conditioning in August is a good thing!).  The Club will provide hamburgers and hot dogs, along with buns, condiments, and dishes.  We need to bring everything else – side dishes, salads, desserts.  It is always a good time – the kids get a chance to look at (climb on?) a fire truck, and things like that, and we all get to chat with our neighbors more than we often have the opportunity to do.

It will cost more this year – $10 for adults and $6 for kids 2-12 – to cover the cost for the Club.  We want to encourage everyone to come, so any amount will be welcome (especially if it includes an additional donation!) and no neighbor will be turned away.

We should start arriving about 5:00 pm and will try to begin dinner by 6:00.  Dinner will be followed by the Neighborhood Association “annual meeting” – including election of officers and planning our annual neighborhood-wide garage sale.  We will need to choose a date for the sale; take a look at your calendars and see whether September 14 or September 21 works better for you.  Both weekends are free of home football games, though there are other things going on in town those weekends.

We need to give the Club some idea how many are coming, so please let me (Martha) know if you are – preferably by mid-day this coming Friday, August 2.  Best way is by e-mail (look on the “About” page – link above – for the address) but phone is ok too.

See you on August 6th!

– Martha

It is pretty much “high summer” now, and you may remember what that means.  It is almost time for our Annual Neighborhood Picnic / Get Together / Night Out!  In coordination with the City’s celebration of Neighborhood Nights Out, we are planning to have this year’s even on Tuesday evening, August 6 (along with a lot of other neighborhoods in town).  We are working on the details – when, what time, etc. – but I wanted to remind everyone to mark their calendars for that evening.

For the past few years we have had our event at the Columbia Country Club. We are looking into doing it there again, but we are also running a bit short of funds this year (and prices are always going up), so we are also looking for other options.  If you would like to host the neighborhood on your patio (or screen porch, or in your garden, etc.) we would love to hear from you.  Your responsibility is only to have the place, and maybe a grill we can use.  We can collect donations from everyone to cover the cost of the main course (hamburgers, hot dogs, or maybe something like fried chicken) and drinks, and everyone else brings side dishes and desserts.  We usually get together about 5:30 with an eye to eating by about 6:00.  Sometime after we’re all comfortably full (which, thanks to the talents of many of our neighbors is also delicious! and doesn’t take long) we have our annual “neighborhood meeting” to talk about any issues, and things like planning the annual neighborhood-wide garage sale in the autumn.

It is a great way to get to know the neighbors!  So if you are interested, please contact me (Martha John) to talk about it.

I got a call this afternoon that long-time neighbor Dick Vaught has passed away.  I don’t have a lot of details at the moment, but I understand he died at home early this afternoon.   Funeral arrangements are still pending; I will post here as soon as I have any more news.

– Martha

Tuesday – April 2
Dick Vaught’s obituary has been posted in the Columbia Tribune and from Memorial Funeral Home.   The funeral is scheduled for Friday at 11am, at the 1st Christian Church.   He will certainly be missed!

I had news this morning that our long-time neighbor, Bob Allen, passed away overnight.  He had apparently been in the hospital for a couple of days and was doing better, but took a turn last night and slipped away.  If I get information about services or anything, I will post it here.  Please keep Gladys in your thoughts.

EDIT:  Dr. Allen’s obituary has been published.  You can find it online here.  He was quite a fellow and will be missed.


Yesterday afternoon our good neighbor, Tanna Klein, was out walking her dog, Charlie, when she (apparently) had a stroke.  She was on Fairway Drive and John O’Laughlin and John Larkin were right there.  John O called an ambulance which came immediately and took her to University Hospital.  Thanks to quick action by several neighbors, she got to the hospital quickly and was taken into surgery right away.  She is currently in a coma in ICU and they won’t know much more for a while.

I am so grateful that I live in a neighborhood where neighbors look out for each other so well.  In some places she could have lain there unconsious for a long time before anyone noticed.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

It is time once again for our annual neighborhood meeting and potluck, timed to coincide with the nationwide “Neighborhood Night Out” program on Tuesday, August 7.  Because of the usual weather on the first Tuesday in August, we have once again made arrangements to have our party in air-conditioned comfort at the Columbia Country Club, starting at 5:30 pm.  We will begin setting up at 5:00, so you can arrive any time after that.  If you haven’t received a note in your mailbox yet, you should get it soon.  Here are the particulars:

  • We will meet at the Country Club – arrival begins at 5:00, dinner will start at 5:30
  • Your choice of hamburgers or hot dogs, with table service and condiments provided
  • Water, tea and coffee will be provided; there will be a cash bar if you wish to buy drinks or sodas.
  • Bring your favorite salads, side dishes and/or desserts
  • Business meeting will start after dinner, but we promise to keep it short.

We are asking for a donation of $5 per person, to cover what the Country Club is charging us.  Any amount will be welcome, above or below that, and no one will be turned away.  We also need an approximate count of how many people will be coming; call Secretary Martha John at 573-442-5924, or e-mail her (see the “About” page) to let us know.  If you forgot to call, come anyway, we won’t turn you away.

There won’t be a lot of business on the agenda, but there is some:  the annual election of officers, and a discussion about the annual neighborhood-wide garage/yard sale.  If you have other items for the meeting, just let us know.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Martha John

Update, Sunday April 8: Both cats have returned home this morning! Hooray! If some good samaritan sent them home, thank you!

* * *
Missing:   two 4 year old, long haired, male cats.  One cat, Woody, is grey striped w/ deep green eyes, and the other is a large yellow cat named Bernie.  (Or, Woodward and Bernstein.)  Both cats are neutered and up-to-date on all shots, and on Frontline.  The grey cat was missing as of late Tuesday evening, April 3.  The yellow cat disappeared Friday evening, April 6.



If you have seen either one of these cats or have infomation that might help the owner locate them please contact:
Linda Hutton:


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